Mentoring Series

You will be hurt in church /6

Misdiagnosed and undiagnosed problems and hurts can delay the healing process. Lying or being lied to can cause uneasy soul palpitations, hope decay, and unnecessary chaos. Being ignored or ignoring real feelings can make the heart grow sick and tired.

I don’t care if anyone wants to challenge this next statement but it stands to reason…It is pure wisdom to pursue God. To quit pursuing God is to quit wanting the best relationships, the boldest dreams, and the biggest blessings one could ever have. It is a healthy pursuit. As a Pastor’s wife, I’ve had to learn this lesson…never close the door to God when relationships go wrong. Keep your heart open to Him and things will turn around for you in time. We do not have to be best buds with everyone. There are some people I know that I am to spend limited time around. Especially if they continually show disrespect for who I am and what I do.

Yes, even when we seek Him, there will be hard times but our deepest longing will be fulfilled. Anytime I’ve seen people stop looking to God, their deepest longings go unfulfilled. They miss the mark though they think they’ve hit the bulls eye. Recently while reading about seven churches that are mentioned at the back of every Bible, I gathered some info and pinpointed it for you and for myself…. As we peek at them a minute, let’s think of ourselves as individual buildings and churches. Let’s ask ourselves what kind of church am I? Do I house the living God? Do I endure patiently? Am I victorious by keeping His Words and commands? Am I weak and deteriorating? Am I known for my strength but secretly crashing down? Am I constantly turning to other things rather than to the One reason I made the decision to be a church temple in the first place?

The Church in Ephesus was strong but needed to get priorities straight.

The Church in Smyrna was poor and afflicted but faithfully suffered.

The Church in Pergamum had big faith but encouraged idols.

The Church in Thyatira was too nice and needed to get a backbone.

The Church in Sardis had a great reputation of being alive but was dead.

The Church in Philadelphia was weak but trustworthy and loyal.

The Church in Laodicea was as comfortable as could be and self-sufficient.


The church who wins struggles and is victorious through all the games, temptations, setbacks, struggles, and attacks, hears the Spirit’s messages, and will eat from the tree of life! Being victorious calls for repentance beforehand. To the person/church that remains, lasts, suffers patiently through pain and difficulty- there is more. To the person/church who does His will to the end, there is more.

Courage Question for you and for me: Are we doing good things with our time, money, and abilities? Are we room temp. or do we effect the spiritual climate around us?

Nobody seems to talk about room temp but you step into a freezing cold or fiery hot atmosphere and people get to talking, moving, and figuring out what changes they need to make. Some people like to take a bath in room temp. water but you get in a really hot bath and it will produce a heart rate that lets you know you’re alive. It will stir you and get you thinking. It will wake you and shake you out of a slumber. It will be just what you needed.

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