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You will be hurt in church/ 5

Have you been hurt in church? Me too – Have you been blessed by church? Me too!

Sitting in the congregation of our Assembly of God church at eighteen years old was both a relief and a challenge. It was a relief because I knew I was pursuing the right thing. I truly wanted to know more about God. I wanted to do something about the “disconnect” that I had been experiencing in my life due to drifting a bit. And I wanted to… grow UP. I re-dedicated my life to Christ. It was a challenge because I knew this meant change. And I was not familiar with the target that shows up on someone’s back who says “yes” to full-time ministry. Following is fun and easy until you step into a lead role. Then, there are more expectations than accolades. There is a lot of coming and going. Somebody’s got to direct traffic. Somebody’s got to try to help. Somebody’s got to take risks. Somebody’s got to commit. And somebody has got to make sacrifices. People may never know what was given up for their breakthrough to happen in today’s world. Whether people have right motives or wrong motives… Lord, use this to open hearts again that have been wounded. Let us see the Light at the end of these tunnels.

Because there are many, many different ways to worship, receive, minister and be ministered to – there are plenty of denominations to choose from. There are countless types of churches for countless types of people. Don’t give up. You are in fact still a part of God’s plan. Let somebody know who you are. Step out and be the friendly one. Plant yourself in a place of accountability. I have met some of the best people both in church and outside of church. There are reasons for those who cannot physically get to a church building. However, now is the time to somehow let others know where you stand spiritually. We stand with God. We stand on His principles. We stand for the commands and truths that this country was founded on.

Here’s a couple Courage Questions for us: If we are not at a church on Sundays, do we take special time for our temple to be filled with truth and knowledge? Are we prioritizing God as first? Do we have the discipline to live a holy life on our own? Is being away from the church body causing us to drift away from God and a more purposeful life?

Please join us again next week! We’ll look at some churches who did things right and wrong. We’ll take a glance into Spirit-filled life change that’s available to all of us. Until next time, we invite you to go check out The Monday Mentor Facebook group and The Monday Mentor podcast. Thank you for reading and listening. Our desire is to fill you with words of life and hope and to share Godly Words from here to the world.

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