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You will be hurt in church /7

Do you know anyone who needs a ladder to start getting out of a place of pain? I often think of God’s Words as a ladder to come up higher. Over and over again, I can climb up. If we take the time to read em when they are in front of us, listen to them when they are spoken, and grab hold of His Words when they are given- we will rise once again.

Our God wants the churches to get it right. He doesn’t want to condemn them. Through His smart words, He is telling them and us how to do better. So often, it’s not the denomination or the non-denomination…it is the people in these places that make them a place of freedom or bondage. Many times, we blame a denomination for problems and hide issues that are also found in non-denominations. We choose which one to highlight and which ones to talk down about. This shouldn’t continue. Preference isn’t a sin and shouldn’t be spoken of as sin. His love is for all people. John the Baptist had a different and specific role than Paul and Peter with the Pentecost touch on their lives. Neither was better than the other. They all had passion and great purpose! Jesus uses the willing and is willing to work through any. He is our ANSWER to hurts, to questions, and to life’s issues. He wants everyone to come to repentance. He’ll deal with those who follow the corrupt desires of the flesh and despise authority. Don’t close your ears to God’s Spirit and the messages He brings.

Churches are called lamp stands in the Bible. They are to give messages of light and truth. They are to give opportunity for people to know Jesus Christ and to be discipled to share the gospel. We are to be Bible-based and worship the One true God. We are to care about hurts, pray and to experience God’s power. When we fall short because of our shortcomings, we suffer as a body. It can leave a bad taste in people’s mouths for the things of God. A bad taste leaves us wanting less but a good taste finds us wanting more and more. We’ll come back to the kitchen over and over again to fill up on what we know is good!

A few weeks ago I made an almond cake with lemon icing. It was pretty to look at. But it fell short of taste! I quickly let our boys know that they did not need to eat it! Looking at it, you’d think it crazy not to try some…but the not-so-secret ingredients made it a waste. I’ve been “turning a new leaf” I guess you could say, and decided to do the cake with grass fed butter and stevia instead of “the real stuff.” Yuk. It really was a let down. My kids keep telling me to stop trying these new recipes. They don’t like em because they have had the real thing. However when we are really hungry and nothing else is an option, we sometimes eat what is available. I have to admit, I actually have grown to like and even crave some of the healthier choices. But that particular cake will not happen again. Thankfully, Derek came along and performed a “re-do.” He went to the store and bought ingredients for a 3- layer homemade almond cake. Not only did it look amazing, it was delicious. I said: “Taste and see that it is good.”

God’s recipe of love never ever fails. No matter how many times we get it wrong, He remains the same.

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