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While I Sleep

I do not have to worry my way through life. I might need to work my way through some trials but I don’t need to worry my way through because He’s going to take care of things while I sleep. He is going to align every detail and put things in proper order even while I sleep...


Because that’s what I prayed when I woke up in the night with a hundred little thoughts. I traded my worry for wonder. WONDER of what He’ll do with all of it. CURIOUS as to how He’s going to manage another miracle. ENCOURAGED about how He will come through “with flying colors”!

That particular night I was awake, I realized what I don’t like about nighttime and it is that there are no colors. During the day, I love seeing the pallets and shades of color! I miss colors at night. God is the God of the day and of the night. So the things we are overly concerning ourselves with and viewing it without life and color- He puts His colorful in it and brings it about. He turns it all the way around. He shows out sometimes. He’s magnificent. So I’m thinking: What’s He gonna do with my Braxton, my Bryson, my Bentley? With our growing family?

Courage Question: What could God do with YOUR family?! What could He do with your spouse or parent or added family members?!

Courage Prayer Quote: I know the hundred little thoughts will be taken care of. I know it because You are magnificent. You will see our journey through, because You are magnificent. While I am awake and while I am sleeping!!


  • Destiny

    Thank you for writing this!! It’s like the thought/perspective switch I have been wanting to have but couldn’t produce no matter how much I searched my mind! The colors…yes.

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