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Firmly Standing

Did you get knocked down a bunch of times like I did before finally finding a way to stand stronger?

The red words in our bibles say this: “…the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.” When we are saved or rescued, we’re kept in health and well being! We are given the chance to recover. That is what Jesus does for us. By firmly standing, He modeled what it is to not stop during most difficult seasons.

A firm stand is this…

Resilient- Fixed- Decided- Settled- Definitely Established- Not uncertain.

Having the opposite of a firm stand is this…

Compromising- Fickle- Fluctuating- Hesitating- Undecided- Unhealthy.

We must have a firm stand to the end. I love this example of a FIRM prayer that Jesus prayed

(We’ll say “F” is establishing Faith in Father. “I” is establishing what Is possible for Father. “R” is establishing Response with Father. And “M” is establishing what Matters most to Father)

“Abba, Father”, he said, “everything is possible for you. Take this cup from me. Yet not what I will, but what you will.” It’s important that we get to the place of being in the Father, for the Father, with the Father, and to the Father! Don’t just throw the outcome off on His will. Ask for what you desire and see what He WILL do. Cover the basis and then whatever takes place, you know it is best from the Father’s view point- not always from ours or where we are at the time. It will turn out very well, in time, for an overall purpose.

Courage Questions: Do you sense the solid faith, courage, trust, acceptance, and honor here toward God as His Father? Are you now able to use this same model for what you’re faced with?

Courage Quote: Don’t Stop. Keep standing strong.


  • Lori Knight

    A great word. I will stand firm in Gods promise to me. I admit I have been guilty of wondering if I heard Him right or if it was in my head. God is always faithful to send me a reminder to stand firm and don’t loose faith. Thank you Courtney

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