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God’s Road

Walking the road of God can help us regain our focus. We can start again at what we thought we would always fail. Who doesn’t need a road to heal on? His is a road and a walk of true healing.

Zechariah 10:12 is a very important scripture for me. It says that I’ll be strengthened in the Lord and in His name, I will live securely. It doesn’t say this is going to happen on all my good days only. It’s saying all my life! On my bad days. On my worst days. I can live with God’s strength at the forefront.

The road of God is refreshing and brings relief. When we walk His way, we don’t have to keep making the same mistakes or falling into the same pit of the same choices. He helps us to stop doing the wrong things and keep doing the things that are right.

Maybe there is someone reading this who’s making a new decision about what road to take. I’m going to share something with you that came to me one day when I knelt down, with my eyes closed, on my closet floor to pray: In my mind, I could see water like rain, falling on the inside of someone’s body from head to toe. Inside of them! Cleansing them. Saturating the parts of them that can’t be seen. It’s like healing waters. From Heaven. Healing waters are falling for you. Right now. You can feel refreshed. You too can experience the fresh peace of God.

Courage Question: Are you tired of living in insecurity? Are you ready to walk the road of God in security, strength, and peace?

Courage Quote: I get to spend my days living in this security that comes from the Lord!! I have decided to follow Jesus and live strengthened in God, His Son, and The Holy Spirit.

*Always move FWD beyond fear, worry, and doubt! – Courtney D.

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