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You Are Resilient

There are pains in life that get us in a headspace of wanting to be put out of that current misery…

But we can wait in it while we do our portion of the work it might take to walk in healing even as we hurt. While we, momentarily, might be in an exhausted mental state or have a temporary injured emotional state of being, our spirit is able to be resilient! Unpleasant things can make us flexible! Google says Resiliency is withstanding difficulties. It is recovering from hard conditions quickly. It’s having a “recoil” ability to spring back into shape after bending or being compressed. It is returning to your normal position after being stretched! The ability to withstand adversity and bounce back from difficult life events. Adapting to challenging experiences. When you’re hit and something bad happens, we are able to become strong, healthy, recover our good spirits. You can withstand shock without permanent deformation or rupture. You’re able to be happy and successful again after something difficult or bad has happened. People like this won’t be unhappy for long. Making yourself move FWD is my personal definition of being resilient.

Thankfully I’ve had parents that made me do the things I did not want to do. They made me talk to people. They made me learn to express my own self. They made me dust, clean, pick up after myself, fulfill my obligations, and be honest even if it’s uncomfortable. They taught us to say no to drugs which told us we can say no to other things too. They showed us how to work hard and stick together. And stand our ground. So I learned to make myself. I’m so glad they made me do it because I knew then that I could do things even when I didn’t want to!!! When I was young, they pushed me. Now that I am older, I push myself. And on occasion, my husband has pushed me when I didn’t want to move. And vice versa. We’ve had to find verses that give us the reasons to push again.

-Being resilient is what my family is. It is what my family has been. It is what my family will be.-

I have to make myself say the believing words instead of the non-believing ones. I have to correct myself often. I have to sometimes say “No. You can’t stay, pain. You’ll have to go. I won’t live this way for the rest of my life. I know God does not have that plan for me.” I found out that I can just touch the surfaces or I can deeply clean in all the layers of my life. I can spend time for the new spirit that I need to develop or I can let go of the thought of being better. I trust that a new spirit is still arising and erupting! Especially when we saw our little Granddaughter for the first time. What a motivation to do good, to do right, to be an example if she and all the other future grandchildren want to follow us into the things of God.

I love what the banner sign said in the hospital as we entered the birthing unit that special day. In big, bold, black letters, it read: YOU ARE RESILIENT. I don’t know about you but that is exactly what I believe. And I want my whole family to know it for themselves. I want my whole family to believe it! I want you to believe it too.

Courage Question: What have I done when in a “sludge season”?

Courage Quote: I’ve had to make myself move forward.

I’ve been saying and writing this for many years but here it is again for this final devotion:

*Always move FWD beyond fear, worry, and doubt. – Courtney D.

DEAR READERS…!!!! I leave you with the three verses below that have given me great hope and peace about the shift into what’s next, and I sincerely thank you for coming on this journey with me from right here to the world! May His Word never leave your heart. May it inspire you to make the unique difference. Mikah 3:8, 4:5, 7:7. Though this is my final blog devotion, it is the beginning of many mentor resource books that will become available as soon as possible. Be looking out for them on The Monday Mentor and! Sincerest thanks for your love and support and encouragement. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP & YOUR HOPES HIGH BECAUSE GOOD THINGS ARE COMING YOUR WAY- CD

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