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When we return something, we take it back.

We go back to where we once were. We make things right. We give back the things, exchange them, or we get what we need through the correct transactions. Then we take it with us! Or we go looking for what we did not yet receive. Sometimes they don’t have on hand what we went back for. And maybe it’s something we can live without. Maybe it is something we can wait for. Maybe it will show up later.

When we go back to a previous store and talk to the person to get things figured out, we’re essentially looking for customer satisfaction. We want what we want. But with God it isn’t always going to be the answer we went to get!! We won’t always be completely satisfied if we’re there to have our way.


When something has been lost or stolen or injury done. There is compensation. A return. A payment. A giving back. A reversal. Of what was damaged or where there was harm done. It will not be the exact picture that you have in mind. For example, at Fairhope when my original wedding ring went missing in the same 24 hours that a worship leader left with only a note saying he was gone and he had been at our house the night before when I put my ring down to rub lotion on our little baby boy- months down the road, a lady put her wedding ring in the offering plate. It was so similar to mine that I thought at first it was when Derek showed it to me. It fit. He bought it instead of pawning it. I’ve had it ever since. No, the ring was not the one I lost… the diamonds in the original one my husband gave to me, were larger and seemed shinier. However this was a return. This was a kind of redeeming. It wasn’t the way I would have ever conjured up. I met with the woman who gave up her ring to the church and told her my story. I wanted to be sure she was absolutely sure about her decision concerning the ring. As we met at the local Fairhope shop and sat at the table together, we shared about marriage and life. And new things. We agreed on a better life for her. We agreed on a return on what she had given.

Courage Question: Do you believe the thing you lost will show up as you keep returning to God?

Courage Quote: God has all the supplies and all the connections.

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