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A Return

When we reach out for God and we know He’s the One that gave us energy, peace, a solution, healing, and a way to overcome what we were in the middle of- When we again are weary, upset, have been hurt, don’t understand, can’t find the way through our problems, we must make our way back to Him.

Restitution is the condition of something being restored to its rightful owner! In thinking about my own restoration these last few weeks, I wondered if I had not turned to Jesus, would I have eventually turned to drugs or toward an early grave? Thankfully I did not look to substances like I just mentioned. However there is a substance that I fell into headfirst, the “substance of faith”, that brought me the energy, peace, solutions, healing, and a way to overcome, every time I needed restitution. The church I was/am at, turned/turns to God for everything. They look to the Word when they need an answer. They continue to worship each week, even when they are going through the worst things. They always have something more to give another person! When I found this over thirty years ago, I had no need to look for other things. I had a need to keep returning.

HOW DO WE TURN TO THE FATHER? WE TURN TO HIS WORD. We turn the pages of the bible. We read the hope. This hope is what He wants to keep in our soul to where our passion and love will not grow cold.

When we get into The Word of God again and again, our heart connects with His. Our mind goes where His is. Our path meets up with His plan for our lives. We start to see the direction we are to go! Things become clearer. We commit to the better things. We believe we can make it out of whatever we fell into that wasn’t good. We find the satisfaction we really need.

Courage Question: What would you have turned to if you did not have Jesus?

Courage Quote: Don’t let your passion or love for God grow cold.

-Always move FWD beyond fear, worry, and doubt! Courtney D.

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