Change,  Courage

Yesterday’s Haphazards

What do we do with our messed up page of yesterday’s haphazards? BALL IT UP AND CRUMBLE THAT ONE. THROW IT AWAY. TOSS IT TO THE TRASH CAN. RE-WRITE IT AS A TURNAROUND STORY.

People want to know how to create change. The answer isn’t in self-inflation or self-disgust but in self-respect through Godly reverence. Dying to self and then living for Him or living for Him and continuing to die to self. We empty our own self to let another be full of Him. We say the hard things without hesitation or fear of rejection because we know it will bring response that indicates whether the person will move outside of themselves to new levels or not.

**CHANGE HAPPENS through the core values we choose to implement in our every day lives.

Courage Question: Could you sit down today and write out 8-10 values that mean something to you and your family…then begin to implement them for decisions you face now and in your future?

Courage Quote: Yesterday’s haphazards can become a new story for today and a future glory in our tomorrows.  

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