I don’t want to exaggerate my difficulties or my good qualities. I don’t want to care so much that I overextend me without ever mentioning or pointing to You– the expert- The Christ! Looking for the “balance” is how we can resolve this issue. There’s so much that life offers. Proper balance is Him first. When cement foundations are poured and dried, everything built on them can be steady, secure, and in balance. He is that Rock for us. We build our thoughts, words, beliefs, and plans from His stability and strength beneath us. Bedrock withstands the weight of all life’s layers. He tips the scale of our hearts to be all out for Him but then centralizes our focus on the rest of life. He is the Mediator that teaches us moderation in all things! (Luke 4:27) He’s above all else. He gets our all. Everything else in moderation. If we go beyond the limits of truth, You may not be too pleased about it. Help us to be creative without disturbing others or becoming a person they do not take seriously. You are the Omniscient One! Absolute and full of perfect wisdom. You really do know everything.

I’m praying for BEDROCK BALANCE. I know that the total sum of our words won’t be truth unless You are included. We have to add You in or our lives will not equal happiness and wholeness! We need to start with Your Words. The sum of Your words are TRUTH. Are the sum of my words TRUTH?

Truth: Here’s what it does. 

Gets us to the Father. “The way, THE TRUTH, and the life” is Jesus and through Him is the only way we find God. As our truth, Jesus helps us make it to our Heavenly Father. That’s a powerful connection. This also means that our truth can connect others to Jesus as well. In meeting Jesus, He makes us want to give up falsehood. Truth is intriguing! We love with truth. The truth makes us free.

Courage Questions: What are you tempted to exaggerate? Why? If we stay full of us in every conversation, will others leave empty of Him from every one of those opportune moments?

Courage Quotes: When I search God out, I discover what His intentions are for the conversations I am having. I learn to navigate His agenda. I want what I know, to help somebody else get to know Him better! 

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