Honesty,  Hope,  Impact

Energizing the Ordinary

LEARN TO ENERGIZE THE ORDINARY by being creatively noncompliant with ego. We let go of our ego to see the worth and importance of other people and what they have to offer. That means we resist going along with the crowd or what is popular.

The ulterior? Yes it creeps in sometimes. Ulterior is “existing beyond what is obvious or admitted; intentionally hidden.” Ulterior motives can often: 1. Translate messages. 2. Take things out of context. 3. Miss the point. 4. Deflate energy.

Self-importance translates selfishThis is where no one else leaves feeling significant. But when we know our value, we can circulate value: God-importance translates significance. This is where someone else is left feeling appreciated, considered, and challenged to go further in every way despite what we get out of it. “For the greater good” of all, not just one. This is energizing the ordinary: It is giving faith energy into ordinary circumstances by wholeheartedly honoring God, people, and time that has been gracefully extended to us for specific purposes.

Courage Question: How can we come up with a plan that works for the greater good?

Courage Quote: Faith energy is the component that our truth needs…to become powerful.

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