Memoir writing. Personal.


My body doesn’t show all the wrecks. Some of them can be seen but most will never be known unless I tell about em. There have been so many. From personal and private to relational, marital, ministerial, and parental wrecks; I’ve had them in all areas.

You don’t know the pain I’ve been in. The set backs I’ve sat in. The holes I’ve wallered in. The pillows I’ve cried into. What a mess I have been at times. But my body won’t tell, which means this mouth has to speak. This hand has to write. This keyboard has to be tapped.

Emotional and mental hits have assaulted this lady. (Me.) They’ve tried to do away with her and lay her to rest. They drug her around and depleted her. Test after test after test! They threw her down. People were involved.

She broke. She sunk.

But. There was something inside. It wouldn’t die. (The thirst for water.)

It got her up again (and again.) It made her her best. It called her a friend.

She embraced it so tightly. Wouldn’t let it go. She ran. She shouted. She made sure the whole world would know.

He cared. She mattered.

He’ll Reck us- Regard us.

Reckoning. Beckoning. We aren’t too far-goners.

Collide with Him! He’ll be your Truth. He is your Wind.

*(Relatable verse story John 4:1-42. Jesus was tired and sat down around noon time at a well in a town called Sychar in Samaria. He went into her territory and He’s come into mine many times. He associated with me when I was wrecked. We had conversation. Even when He was tired from ministering and being all He could be to many people. He still took time to go out of His way for me. He knew all about where I had been and what I had gotten myself into! He still offered me the living water that changed my life! I left what I use to get filled up with. I went and told others what Jesus did and is still doing. With the Samaritan woman, many in that town believed because of her testimony. We must go through tests. We must tell how Jesus does meet with us in our trials. We must continue to hunger and thirst for living water.) Proverbs 20:5 also look up.

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