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New Life Levels

Are you living with the faith that wins over fear, worry, and doubts? About your life, your health, your goals, and dreams?

When we can put these things behind us, we can move FWD!!

Doubts about who you are and what your life will come to be, worry over your body and things that aren’t good or right, fear in not reaching your goals or accomplishing the dreams that’s been put inside… all of this adds up to loss and lack. It leaves us with a worn down spirit. But when we let the Words of Life flow through our veins, our relationships, and our living room- when we repeat what God said- when we repeat the songs, the experiences, and stories that mean something- we are moving FWD!!

Speak the word and sing songs that produce a rumble of faith in you. I believe I’m being shown new levels that I can personally have in my life, and live at. In my health, my dreams, my goals. We can live at higher levels as the church and empower our family to do the same at home. I am personally being led like this by The Holy Spirit.

Courage Question: What is the rumble inside of your soul today that says something great about your tomorrow?

Courage Quote: Our future is forward! As you look out in front of you and move forward, you’ll see tomorrow. You’ll see what you left behind because what’s in our past that slowed us way down, doesn’t have to be in our future.


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