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“Like” YOU!

If you don’t like you, you’ll give off vibes to other people. Those vibes will keep most people away. Believe me, it isn’t good to push the right people away. You need to be around folks who’ve got a healthy outlook about themselves, and learn something from them.
God may not have us going down the same exact path and that’s okay. Go the right way based on where He is leading you. Follow. Trust and obey. Here are three things to straighten SELF out and like YOU again!

  1. Pursue Integrity. Become honest again instead of trying to hide what’s bothering you. Get help if you need it. Be willing to be pruned by God. Put values and morals in place that have importance to you. My Mom always taught me to be true to myself. Don’t back up from these personal standards just because someone else isn’t ready to challenge themselves yet. You’ll see increase from this in the long run!
  2. Choose yourself. If you’re choosing what always pleases other people, then you will soon be unhappy with you. I’ve heard many times in my life that self-respect is when you do what you say you will. Don’t get ahead of yourself and make empty promises that you never agreed with!
  3. Speak well about yourself. It’s super tempting to talk down to and about self. Fight this type of self harm. Practice speaking life into your own life and others’. Be happy for you and be happy for them. You will see a turn for the better. You will begin living life with passion again.

Courage Question: Have you ever been mad at yourself?
Courage Quote: It’s time to relinquish this sadness! Leave behind your old character with the unhealthy way you treated yourself. Build your life back one habit at a time. You can be happy.

*John 15 says: “I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit that will last and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.” Then Jesus gave a command to love each other. Like/love YOU and be true to yourself. OBEY HIS WORDS AND ACCEPT HIS WORDS OVER YOUR LIFE!! HE IS WANTING TO BLESS YOU!!


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