“Wish Me Luck”

People say this a lot. They say it to me. What’s my response? Should we blame it all on God? Should we chalk it all up to luck?

I don’t go by luck. I go by a belief system that I know works. Because if we say we’re lucky, who’s getting praised for it? Us. If we say we are unlucky, who’s getting the downside of that? Us. When we say we are wishing for what we’ve asked for. (John 15:7-8 ESV) That’s biblical. That’s specific. That’s expectant. Woah me “wins”? Wish me well. Wish me a great future. But don’t wish me luck…

Luck comes and goes and blows around like the wind. I want a belief system in place to where when something awesome happens, I don’t give that moment away to luck. I give that moment to thanks in God. Thanks for the facts that I turned to Him in obedience about certain matters that are now working out. Yes things happen. Yes things are allowed. The rain falls on everyone. Good can come to anyone too. For God is kind to the ungrateful and the evil. And if we’re not abiding in God then I guess we’ll have to rely on pure chance. However, I personally believe there’s a design and plan in it all.

Look up the definition of “luck” and then see if you truly believe in it or not! Google basically says it is a force that brings good fortune or adversity. Hmmn. Luck leaves out God and Satan. It leaves out a good bit. It gives everything to chance instead of the way we are living, hoping, professing, believing, acting, declaring. According to luck, success or failure is just brought on by chance. Not so in my life! Maybe you have a different story. But if something happens that’s not a result of my efforts or abilities, I know there are opportunities and advantages that are given to me by a Great Power. I know if things are horrific in this moment, they will turn. I know that life is a mixture of good and bad. So, do I completely rule luck out? I’ll say this. Luck is a huge thing for many people. The world often goes by luck. I just choose to minimize it. I wouldn’t recommend saying and claiming all the time “That’s just my luck.”

Courage Questions: Maybe you ask “Well then how do certain people meet or certain occurrences happen out of the blue from nowhere?” “What are the chances of running into the same person for three days in a row around town?” “When do the problems end for so and so? They always seem to have bad luck.”

Courage Quotes: Things sometimes take place for reasons beyond our capacity to reason. So we must get into the presence of God to find out what these things mean and why they take place. He’s a detailed God. It is not by chance that we get what we desire. It is not by chance that we most often have to persevere through hard and difficult things dealt to us by life. Problems will always be a thing but we are not suppose to let problems put an end to our faith.

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