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When things go dark

When everything turns dark and we can’t see our way up or out. He is my Help!! I’m a Lazarus. I guess I should say I was a Lazarus.

When everything turned dark and he could not do a thing for himself, Jesus came near. I bet you’re saying the same thing! There were things that happened beyond my control, beyond what I would’ve wanted to take place! I was in a dark pit that no normal ladder could have done it- to get me out. I didn’t see a way out. Of defeat. Any of our human ladders would have been swallowed up. By the pit I was in. Defeat swallows up normal help. But one day, God lowered a ladder down into the darkness and I started climbing. One up-step as I call them, at a time. There are Up-steps for Upsets.

Never again was I there.

He shows me the picture in my head of His ladder always available for me! To get up.

Courage Question: When life turns dark and there’s an eerie blackout, are you a person that says within yourself “God is my Help”?

Courage Quote: The person being helped by God- that individual who says to themselves: “He’s my Help”, even in the emotional prison, even in the fault, even in the heart stops or things beyond our control like an illness or death… ESPECIALLY THEN…there is a dynamic that’s possible.

Declaration- This energy and enthusiasm is bound to release a new change. Soon. My eyes are bound to open again. My motivation is bound to leap up. The light is coming back in.

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