Healing,  Honesty

He’s Always My Help.

Jesus woke me up. He gave me life. A full one. And I’m rising up still!

I’m taking on new levels. The God ladder is never too short. Not only will it be steps you need to get out of the pit, it will be steps to further you the rest of your life to your next levels!

Lazarus would say: “Jesus awakens us. Jesus raises dead stuff. And dead people. He helped me and came to the grave. He told people who had given up, to take the grave clothes off and let me out!!”

No matter how many days it’s been that somebody’s been lost in the dark, Jesus can see a cause for a miracle to take place beyond the wildest of dreams. He’s the One that came to my place of loneliness where most people don’t visit. You know, where there’s no music playing and no fun, upbeat life rhythm going on. The places most people don’t have any idea what to do about. It was where my energy stopped, where my faith once ran dry, where my mind shut down and was not at ease, where my trouble overcame me. He came with grace to that place. I’ve honestly never been the same since! And when I start to go silent and things around me push me to the ground, I know He’s always my Help.

Courage Question: Is what’s flowing through you today strong enough to lift somebody out? Not that word from six months ago- yes it’s good…I’m glad you perfected it and all. But whatcha got going right now? In this moment?

Courage Quote: We’re gonna need something fresh to nourish the brokenhearted. We can use past lessons if we’ll pray today’s prayers with them! People have to know you’re not their only hope/help. You are the willing vessel but God is always our Help.

Declaration- I am awakening to new life. It’s my turn to walk in healing!!

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