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When I can’t

What song will you sing while you’re grieving something or someone?

Big Daddy Weave’s new song All things new, has been on my mind and it’s the song I’m singing lately. As I do, a picture of Mike and Jay Weaver goes through my heart. When we first started ministry, they (along with their team) were our Worship leaders in Youth services. We knew that they’d go places with those big voices and all that talent. Jay Weaver recently passed due to Covid after he lost his leg with the struggle of diabetes. So as I hear the music of this precious song begin, I make it a prayer. I declare it over all our friends who are going through painful deprivation of someone, or something that is missing from their lives in this long season.

Tough times are here. But He makes all things new. When I can’t muster up the words or the strength, Christ can. Part of the song says:

“From the ashes I will rise up, rise up. From the dust I will rise up, rise up. God of mercy and love- Do what only You can do. You make all things new.”

This song and related verses go well with a declaration I wrote. If you are needing more today, you can DOWNLOAD THE DECLARATION entitled: When I can’t, by simply giving us a “high five.” And then it’s yours! Here is the link to get the declaration: Click here -We hope you enjoy it and pray it fuels your spirit!

Courage Questions: What dusty things are you reminiscing about yourself? As you get up in age, are you wondering how to stop feeling old, worn out, and used up?

Courage Quote: Remember! Your new self is in Christ. (If anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here! 2 Cor. 5:17, Rev. 21:5)

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