Look over your shoulder!

We’ll be minding our business and something catches our attention out of the corner of our eye…

  • Sometimes you have to look over your shoulder to make sure you’re not being stolen from, bullied, or used. Resist what the devil is doing and he will “flee” when you’re submitted to God.

One day while standing at the sink doing dishes, I started to hear Ardo (our little white Maltitzu) whine a little bit. He just had a bath and was sitting with his treat. I had already given our french bulldog (Rollie) the same kind of treat after his bath, however, he consumes it like a piranha. Two minutes later, Ardo begins to make more of a growl as I again look over my left shoulder to see Rollie Bear quietly watching him like a hawk and pacing like a lion! Now he knows specifically not to do this because I have trained him to let Ardo eat in peace. But no. When eyes look away, Rollie is at it again and Ardo’s giving him the evil eye- I mean the eagle eye 😉 and he’s not wanting to give up what he’s got. When I realized the sneakiness going on knowing the bulldog is a bully that can easily steal away just about anything the little white fluff ball has, I yell: “Rollie. NO! Get away. Leave him alone. That’s not yours. You think everything is yours but it’s not. You think you can have anything and everything even when it has not been given to you. (He looks at me with that tilted head as if he doesn’t know the rule and I respond to his cute but conniving face) Well you had yours and it wasn’t enough. You always seem to want more. And to harras. But as long as I’m here and giving out goodies, Ardo will get to enjoy those goodies. They will not be taken from him. You have to leave him alone. I am not going to allow him to be constantly stolen from! Back away.” And he does. Rollie finds his place on the floor. And Ardo looks proud that he “spoke up” for what’s his because there was a time when he would just let Rollie have what he wanted. But old Ard learned how to give me a signal to look over my shoulder and stop the nemisis!

Courage Questions: Do you ever groan or even growl under your breath when you notice the devil messing with people or trying to mess up something that has been handed to them by God? Do you tell Satan under your breath: “That isn’t yours. It has not been given to you and I’m not allowing any thieves to thrive under my watch”?!

Courage Quotes: Every once in awhile, look over your shoulder. Deal with the devil. Don’t be so willing to give up what’s been given to you by your Master. As long as “I AM” is around, we can have peace. We can enjoy what’s been given.

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