A House Home

Foundations are put in place first. When you have Him as your foundation, you want the walls to be strong. You want the power to come on! You want the electricity to work. You care about the running water! You desire the airflow and heat to generate as needed. You want that house to be a home!

For that to happen, you need something warm in it! You need love. You need things that only God can provide. You want Him to circulate through the house and make it feel homey. When He’s invited in, we are more considerate. When He is around, we want to be kind. When He is filling the empty places, we want to enjoy the day.

Christ is changing the function of some areas of ministry in our church. Just like the function at our own house is changing due to three, growing young men and the lives they are building. New people will come in and new vision will come about. New paths will come forth. New ministries will be birthed and they will grow, they will include others, they will fulfill the Great C0-MISSION!

Courage Question: When is a foundation of a house built? In spiritual terms, Christ has got to be in first place. Then the expanse building can begin. The home cannot stay a house when the attributes of God are allowed to reside there.

Courage Quotes: Those who have no care about the way a vessel or a house is built, usually do not yet have the Who or What in place to make it a home. As a “house home”, I am God’s building that can invite Him in and invite other things out that should not be within my vessel. I can live in Him. He can be where I reside- my life address. Like the old song says: My home is You!

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