Of course our enemy would love for us to live on worry and wounds…

BUT LET’S TURN IT OVER! Turn “it” over to God. Right now. Hand it over. To Him. It’s not just your Momma or your sister or your brother- Do you remember the old song: “It’s not my brother or my sister, but it’s me Oh God. Standing in the need of prayer”? 

I’ve already established that I am not exempt from pain. But I get to choose Who I’ll stand with today and tomorrow and the next days. I get to decide if I’m going to allow the same pain from the same people, to inflict me. I also get to decide to stop inflicting pain too. We run fully when we are willing to be obedient with our real. Picture this: On one side of the paper, we’ve got the words: PAIN and HURTS and BOUND. We are being real about them. But is that all?

Turn the page over.

Be ready to write something new on it, over “it”, and about it…

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