How do you run on FULL?

One way is to stop letting other people dictate your happiness, your schedule, your commitments, and your purpose.

Jesus came to run you up to full. The enemy came to run you down. Satan wants you and I to break down. He desires for us to run around on empty- and depleted. And if this is busy you, then you just might be fulfilling the enemy’s plans for your life.

Satan sets us up for a fall, disaster, and loss. He wants you to miss out- he is wanting doubt to be your reasoning; he came just to empty you. (Hence the John 10:10 verse: “kill, steal, destroy.”) BUT JESUS CAME TO GET YOU RUNNING ON FULL!!!! At the same time the enemy is causing doubt, dread, and confusion around us, God has SET US UP FOR BREAKTHROUGHS, FREEDOM, AND WINS.

End the emptiness by filling that space with the right fillers. Things get in my way, but I’ve made a decision for God to bring me up. It won’t be on “feelers.” It will be on fillers- the Words of faith, hope, healing, truth, and peace that He gave us to live on. They aren’t frantic, disturbed, and mindless. A filler can be a thing of substance used to fill a gap, cavity, crack, pores, like a liquid paste or the like. They can be used in repairing holes. Something that you add to fill space. Something said to fill a pause. This is the perfect space for the Spirit of God. The living water.

Courage Questions…Are you letting it pour over you? Are you getting up when He wakes you? Are you speaking what He prompts you to pray? Courage Quote: Commit to the infilling and you will see that when you refuse to live on empty, it is a whole lot faster and easier to fill your life to full.

Keep in mind that doubt can become dangerous if we let it go on and on. It can cause us to disobey at critical crossroads. Crossroads look like a cross at the center. Prayer and active faith is the replacement for doubt. Kneel and decide that doubt isn’t going to be part of your journey. Join us again next Thursday to find out another way to run on FULL.

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