Courage,  Obedience

Turn that page- 2

Look at “it” from the other side.

Now write: OBEDIENT and WILLING and FREE. 

We are on the “God can” page. Can you see the good that’s ahead of you as you merge with the right belief system? As you take on a new mission?

Guilt sometimes comes from doing things we know we need to stop. Courage takes its place in that moment and says you’re not going under. We know the other choices are always going to be available… disobedience, unwillingness, and pridefulness. But that’s not what we’re putting on the paper. 

Zech. 4:10 is a “God can” message. It says to not despise small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin. God can do greater things than what’s happening right this minute. He will apply His own Words! He does rejoice over your effort. Will you believe you can and you will and you are?

Courage Question: Can you believe He will, He has, He can, and He is?

Courage Quote: I’m obedient, I am willing, I am free.

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  • Latasha

    God help us believe you are, you can, you will and you have already. God, help us to practice this mindset daily! Amen!

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