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The Seeing Man

Bart told Jesus he wants to see. When Jesus says: “Go, your faith’s healed you”… I hear “Go live your life! Go and be free from confinement and discouragement and darkness. Go, you’re released from this thing.” Bartimaeus chooses to now follow Jesus. He’s received his sight. He has been given mercy and a miracle!!

MAYBE TODAY YOU’RE STANDING IN GOD’S HONEST TRUTH. You have sight. But you need to be giving other people the God’s Honest Truth. You don’t want to only be served; you want to serve. You want to give from the gifts you’ve been given, the blessings you have been blessed with. We give other people sight by sitting in His Truth that’s available to us. Spiritually or even physically speaking, there are leaps and jumps about to happen. Let me tell you, I don’t just walk by faith. I leap. I run to Him.

The blind man needed sight and when Jesus’ call reached him and brought recovery to him, he was then satisfied. He became a seeing man!! He was instantly a hysterically thankful leaping man! There is satisfaction in Jesus. There is a powerful satisfaction in us when we do the thing the nudge is telling us to do. How do we know though? Because when we don’t do it, we have an achy dissatisfaction that happens in our person. It lingers either way. There’s a peace when we’ve released (a cry for example) what was suppose to be given at the time it was intended!! You know you’re on track. You feel the impact. And it feels great. You will see, hear, feel, know, or experience something. It may possibly be unexpected. It may be suddenly. It may be miraculous. It will change the course of your life. A marriage. A dream. Remarkable things do still happen.

Courage Questions: What have you received from Him? How is your “sight” today? Are you a “seeing” man or woman?! How can you help people see a better way for themselves?

Courage Quotes: We won’t want to give up on all that’s to come when we get get a glimpse of all that is possible. When the Heavens open, we will experience the remarkable.

Further Study: What exactly is sight? You have perception, the ability to see. It is the sense through which a person becomes aware of light. No longer blocked from what you need to see. Mark 10:50 “And throwing off his cloak, he sprang up and came to Jesus.” Having sight is a remarkable thing, is it not?! This is beyond the physical ability to see. Don’t you know that Bart was seeing things in his spirit now. Aware of so much more.

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