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Power Shortage

Have you ever experienced a major power outage? Unexpectedly, the electricity service goes out…

Personal Story: I was blind and now I see. I turned completely in the direction of Jesus. Became apart of the church. Met a cute guy. Got married… but when we’re looking at the “better” of one another, we’re not yet seeing the “worse”. I found myself crying out for mercy! Often. I would feel like I kept losing the vision God gave us because it was too hard to see. Especially when the power was cut off. I was taking care of three little guys and Derek had a lot he was responsible for too, being a Pastor. There were times he forgot to tell me things were too tight to pay the power bill. Sometimes he had to make a decision of which place to keep the power on. The house of God or our house.

Our boys had moments of sitting in the dark so people could see the Light. They are so important to the kingdom. They were giving up things and time with their Dad long before anyone ever knew the Derek and Courtney you know now. Our boys are champions to me. I did not like sitting in the darkness. I remember feeling the power I thought I had on the inside to do and to believe for mighty things, be shut off. But when you have Jesus and He tells you to rise from where you are, you will rise. And He is the Light without ever having to call a power truck to your house! You will follow HIM all the days of your life! Because if the lights go out in your soul, what good is that to anyone? Do you think Jesus wanted to sit in the dark for you and I to see the Light? No, He didn’t. But He did it as He hung for us. As He felt forsaken, He thought of us.

We stuck it out. We rose up. You can too. The power is coming back. Lights are turning on. You have a bright future!!

Courage Question: Can you remember being stuck and crying out to God?

Courage Quotes: In Jesus’ time of discomfort and darkness, He hung on. He cried out to His Father and His Father came through for Him! He rose up from the worst situation. He is with us for better or for our worse circumstances in life.

Further Study: Romans 8:27-30 Read the Youth Version…. You know people around Bartimaeus had 20/20 vision but they weren’t seeing it spiritually until he got his physical sight. If you want the remarkable, you have to get ready to do the unusual. He cried out and then was called out. Somebody is going through an agonizing season. People around you have found their place in life but you’re still looking for yours and you don’t see what they were like in their agonizing season. Well they made mistakes too. They fall short also. Declare something good over the future of your own life. Say something positive over your children… “You will make us proud. You will live well. You’ll rise up. And you will do remarkable things!” This is what I have been saying over mine.

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