Healing Series,  Impact

New Sight. New Vision

“Jesus stopped.” When Jesus stopped for Bartimaeus, I imagine the clock stopped! Bart starts hearing people’s voices calling to him. He is being seen and acknowledged. Encouraged to cheer up. Given a command. To rise to his feet. Told by the disciples that Jesus is calling him.

Thank God that when we cannot see correctly, absolutely nothing is ever wrong with HIS vision! You cry for mercy, He’ll find you every time. You stay prideful, He’ll find that in you every time too. When you are in need of mercy, there is no time to be holding onto pride. Jesus stopped for me. When I was lacking. When I had little vision and didn’t feel valuable to do what He believed in me to do. He came very, very close. He stopped the stops! Little things that got in the way of a healthy perspective… Now I see myself correctly in the light of His mercy. I’m open to His healing.

There are so many people walking around hiding from sadness, tears, and truth… avoiding intimacy. People who only show extreme anger or extreme positivity have constructed walls to keep their pain and tears from being recognized. People hide behind lies in order to avoid looking at the bills, or debt, or the family situation, or their physical health. See I believe crying out is showing we are open for healing!! LOOK at it! We can then finally see the problem that needs fixing.

Courage Questions: In what ways have we been unsightly or unpleasant in relationships? Could we envision Jesus calling on us? Giving us a new mission for our marriage or as parents. What is it that stopped you?

Courage Quote: When Jesus settles near us, we will be invigorated with supernatural energy.

Further Study: Referring back to Matthew 3, Jesus saw The Spirit of God descending like a dove and alighting on Him. Heaven had opened up! John is always depicted as a grungy person. He had tried to deter Jesus, feeling unworthy to baptize Him but John was about to be involved in the most remarkable baptism ever. How invigorating do you think it must have been to witness? It says in Matt. 3:15 that John consented. Because Jesus told him “It is proper for us to do this. It is to fulfill all righteousness.” I think we can draw excitement in by consenting to what we know is the right thing to be apart of whether or not it makes us uncomfortable in our skin and uncomfortable with our emotions. The dull parts of our lives are about to be made new!!!

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