The rare things

At the end of a mundane prayer time recently, I asked God for the rare.

I had been going through prayers for people that I’ve prayed before. It just seemed to be a lot of the same. When I prayed for rare things to happen, for rare doors to open, for specific rare things to take place, I felt God say: “Why not ask for the rare?!” Things got exciting and I left the dark, nightly lit room eager to see what will come of such a simple request.

Rare things aren’t found in large numbers of mass quantity. You can seldom find something rare because it is uncommon. That’s what I told God that I want! I put in my order for something of unusual quality- something unusually good. And I think He’s very glad I asked. For He can do the remarkable!!!

The kingdom of heaven is “like treasure hidden in a field…like a merchant looking for fine pearls…” When we find it, the kingdom of heaven is something to lay everything down for. It’s a way of life. It’s a valuable find. There’s great value in the rare things. Will you ask something rare of God today…something only He can do? Ask Him to increase your faith. We’re living in a time that our faith does not need to decline!

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