Mentoring Series

The Preceding & Succeeding Spirit

Anytime I read the red letters of Jesus, I realize there is a timeless message in every red lettered sentence.

Each time I look at my life through what His Spirit is trying to say to me from His Word, I especially recognize the red parts as intense passion and love. His preceding and succeeding Spirit knows what it takes to win in the struggles I’m having. He is an unfailing Spirit that provides this unfailing love! He is the beginning and the end. The Holy Spirit of God has covered all my ground, showing up before me and following me all my days. Some people in my life may have skipped the middle but He was there all along.

When I didn’t know what to do to improve my life or marriage, God pointed me to 1 Cor. 13’s truth for success. It’s message and perfect words demanded my attention and initiative. It changed things dramatically. It got things back on track. It gave me the higher goal of what I should be doing! It showed me how I could be living. It became a map for an idea of where I was and what I could do to see progress. It is my testimony. The Spirit of fear hasn’t been given to us by God. Rather, He’s given us The Spirit that is of a powerful and sound love- made of all the things we need for any moment. It’s come before us. It’s coming behind us. Instead of fearing, we can allow This Spirit that is patient, in. We can let This Spirit Who is kind, in. The One that keeps us looking for the good. IN! The One that keeps our hopes up. And shows us how to be thankful and grateful instead of jealous or boastful. Let it break in. It is a Spirit that succeeds over all kinds of internal wars and public facades. The One that is believing in God no matter what.

Courage Question: Have you noticed Jesus’ words in the Bible are red for a reason? (Red has historically been associated with sacrifice, courage, love, and passion!)

Courage Quotes: It is good to admit those words of red are His love poured out on pages for you. They will always be there. Before you got here, He had them ready for ya.

Personal Prayer Acknowledgement: If things are to change, it will be through Your Great Love Lord. Make me a person of greater character. Let me finally have peace of knowing Your Love for me is unending so I am able to have love for others. You’ve also given Your love to me for properly caring for myself, treating myself well, and bettering my health as I go through life. These things are meant to create a life that I enjoy. May I prosper in all areas because of what You have extended to me! Amen.

Further Study/ Deut. 31:8, Samuel 18:14, Psalm 20:4, Psalm 139:5, Joshua 1:8, Prov. 4:23, Prov. 16:3. John 1:15,18.

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