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Changing your faith

Are you living the life you love, the life you believe in, and the life you are meant for?

If you’re not living the life you love, the life you believe in, and the life you are meant for and a lot has to change for you to answer “yes” to these three things… I’m here to tell you this:

Changing your faith can change your life! To those who can say yes to that three point question… Are you interested in somebody else’s life being changed today? It would be real easy for me to not get up at all when I’m motioned to go to the platform and share an encouraging verse or declare a prayer over the congregation- because my life has already been changed. By God. But what we are suppose to do is bring Life Change to other people with our faith.

Ya’ll, I am living the life I love and that I believe in. The life I am meant for. But. It all started with me putting my faith in God. It’s not enough to have those three important things checked off in my own life but then watch other people struggle to get there! Maybe someone near you is simply putting their faith in something else. We are to pour Godly faith into their life so they can say at some point “YES” to those 3 things that WE have become and are confident of! I guess some folks think I’m here maybe to “hear myself talk” but I’m actually trying to get a message out to somebody who is desperate. Somebody that might be trying really hard to straighten their life out. A person who is ready to accept a heart change. A person who is looking to the church to give them direction. That is one of the main reasons I have been obedient to what I know God has asked of me. I am delivering words of hope despite all the things we have to push through to get these messages to you!

Courage Questions: Could you think back to a time when you had a change of heart that drastically changed your faith?! Can you see that changing your faith can be life changing to others?

Courage Quotes: What’s fun is seeing someone else’s faith change!

Put your faith in the right thing. Take it out of the wrong thing. You are going to have to think about things differently if you want a transformational faith. To have a change of faith, you must also believe by faith in your heart and not just in your head.

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