Mentoring Series

Clothed Powerfully

Have you witnessed someone who appears to be dressed in bitterness, unhappiness, or meanness? When a person is not yet interested in being clothed in godliness, it is difficult for God to invest in them the way He wants to. The level that He desires to “clothe” us is top notch. Nothing missing. (Luke 24:49)

These “power” clothes are our attire. Our cover. Our supply. We are dressed and endued with a more confident, stronger authority and freedom than we ever had on our own. We can be done with our old clothes! We can get rid of our old patterns. If we start to get dressed in the old stuff, we need to stop and change what we’re about to put on because that won’t serve us well. Living in the “flesh” will keep us back and in lack. His plan is for us to achieve more control over the enemy, over every addiction, over any personal setback or bad habit.

Strife has to go when we are clothed like this (Luke 24:49 NIV). We’re not trying to impress; we’re trying to live in success. Strife will meet us at each point of progress. It will also linger at every corner where God’s power has not been waited on!! But when we are clothed by Him, we’ll have the right kind of influence and effect on others because God’s Spirit has the most influence opon us. To be able to forgive. To be able to not let strife seep into every facet of our families. To be able to conquer death. To be able to receive eternal life. To be able to love beyond words. To be able to convey The Good News to the world instead of being stuck in our bubble of trouble.

Courage Questions: Do you want your spiritual clothes? Do you understand that when you wait on God, His Holy Spirit can fill you, and then you are given powerful spiritual rights?

Courage Quotes: God gives us His power! When you are spiritually clothed, you are empowered. You are provided with quality and ability from on High!

CLOSING DECLARATIONS – This is what me and my husband have had the faith for- over the course of 25 years and it is what we are saying to you today… You have the strength and power to beat strife. If you are contemplating separating from your spouse because of strife, you have the strength to beat it. If you are allowing the enemy to utilize you in strife, you can defeat him and cut off his purposes. Use the strength God has given you to beat what’s coming against you. Put on some godly garments of praise for the Living God Who still performs wonders. God gives us victory through HIS power. You need to regularly receive what He wants to give to you. You can grow together instead of a part. There will be incredibly difficult days but if you stay clothed in God’s power, it will all become an incredible testimony of His strength and goodness.

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