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The Power of Truth

Truth has the power to do many things… if we value it.

Take a moment to assess your situation with wisdom. Access wisdom for the thing that’s in your heart! In your moment of strength or your moment of weakness, there are four things you/we can learn from allowing the clear voice of what’s true in the circle of the situation.

When the convicting and convincing power of truth is able to work on us and rest inside us, this is what happens: It will 1.) Change our ways. 2.) Help us make plans. 3.) Give us new vision. 4.) Push pride out.

I hope you are seeing the formula for success. You will succeed. Success will happen. The person you’re praying for can be brought to a point of real change. But you’ve got to know the value of God’s Truth and getting answers from it. You need to know the value of other people, and the value of yourself.

Courage Question: Could we stop all that’s happening in us, to listen?

Courage Quote: When we stop our words, opinions, and arguments-God can get His say-so in with us!

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