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The point of real change

Some people have never given God a turn to do something great in their life because they have to control things. We learned last week that it’s when we know the value of God’s Truth and getting answers from it, that we then can be brought to a point of real change. Pride stays around in those who do not value God, others, or themselves. You have to kick pride out. You have to stay open to Truth- and you will need to be committed to it in the great times and also in terrible times.

Just try and put a value on God’s Truth! You may not realize it yet, but HIS TRUTH HAS PLACED VALUE ON YOU! Once we recognize this fact, we are brought to a point of real and lasting change. We can see turnarounds coming.

If we VALUE Truth enough, we will change. We will keep getting answers from it. We will find success. Because He’s our treasure at the beginning of the day, at midday, and in the evening. The more open we’ll be, the more healed we’ll be. The more healing we find, the more free we’ll live and love. This is the life change that I’ve had and am still pursuing.

Courage Question: Are you at the point of real change?

Courage Quote: Throw away sinful anger, resist resentment, acknowledge agitation. Refuse to stay closed up and closed in.

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