I’m Eligible!

Just because you had something terrible come up, doesn’t mean you are ineligible now to have good things come your way…

Just because you got sick, doesn’t mean you’re not eligible for healing. Or that you’re never going to heal up. Even if you’ve plummeted financially, you’re still eligible to financially thrive.

I’m not asking if you believe in miracles. Not that healing can’t happen in a quick and amazing way. But I’m talking about the healing that’s a process of becoming whole again. If this is what you need in an area of your life, please accept prayer from your church leaders or by those you consider proven mentors. Let those people or that person bless you as your leader. They need to know that you consider them a key to your growth that has helped unlock you.

Courage Question: Do you believe in healing? This type of process healing? Even financial healing?

Courage Quote: When we put ourselves before the ones we’ve sat under, been discipled by, and begun to talk and act like… we are positioning ourselves for blessing. We are saying to them “You have led me. You have mentored me. I want the continued blessing of your prayer over my life. You have shown me that I am eligible and for that I’m grateful.”

Declarations for Mentors and Mentees:

Say “He’s chosen you (me) to love. He’s chosen you (me) to heal. He’s chosen you (me) to get the breakthrough. He’s chosen you (me) to step into the process. He’s made you (me) eligible for healing! Eligible for restoring. Eligible for growing. Eligible for better circumstances. He has made it possible to have what you (I) dream. What we dream of! He’s made you (me) desirable. Suitable. Able. Jeremiah 33:5-6 is for my finances and health.”

* Prophetic: There is abundance in peace and truth and that is what my God is showing me. Through that verse which was in the healing book by Joseph Prince (Healing Scriptures- Powerful promises for divine health) that my Aunt gave me the day before my thyroid surgery, as I rested and read all the verses, something began to not only transpire in my body but in the health of my finances. My God told me instead of hiding His face from situations, He’s going to bring healing to them!!! Healing and Revealing. I do believe God said to me that day that there is a direct correlation between peace and blessing of even financial healing. Praise God.

PRAYER / Give them the blessing of healing Lord! Correct healing! Thorough healing! Healing completely! Gracefully. Imperatively. Healing is of You, God, no matter how long it takes. Help us not to step away from this process but to stay with it. To not leave it but rather to see it finish. You’ve chosen us; we are eligible.

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