The God Path

Don’t follow every brainstorm. Do you know that if you stay ON the path with God and your mind starts to get OFF track for whatever reason, it’s a lot faster to get it back right if you’ve stayed committed to the God Path?

Is there a part or piece of the Truth that is perplexing you today? The truth is perplexing sometimes right? It’s beautiful. Lovely. It’s incredibly intriguing but it also repels some people. Cause they’re not ready to hear it, or they are not receiving it or open to it.

Have you ever held your head like I have and said: “I don’t understand this. I’m baffled. That’s confusing to me.” ??? You need to know that if you’ve committed to this God Path, there will be moments like that. But they don’t last forever! …YOU stay on the track, your mind will get back on faster. Not everybody is going to be attracted to Truth or love it. But nonetheless…yet I will trust my God Shepherd. He’s the Good Shepherd. Because one thing I know today is that I’m not here to pray away every setback or trouble that comes up. I’m here to remain in the God who is Good.

Courage Question: What have you found out by staying on path?

Courage Quote: On His path is every size blessing. He never runs out of them. He’s never given up on me. I’m sticking with Him because He knows what is best.

Personal Prayer: When our thoughts wander, please keep our hearts in pursuit of You Lord! Keep us on the right path- You have set it before us.

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