Strife is a swindler

Strife wants to waist our life away, deplete our bodies, dehydrate good emotions, eat at our life savings, deteriorate our marriage, and make us forget about the fact that God placed everything in His Son’s hands!

We’ve got to realize fear and strife are tactics. Then we’ve got to PAUSE. Shift. Shake things up for the enemy. Interrupt his actions. Flip the script- Disagree with his discord. Quit consenting to his clashing, cheating, and scamming.

If God put all the things in the Son’s hands, then we should too. Mentally, we need to see that our people, our dreams, and our things will be dealt with at the proper time. That kind of picture changes things for us today. We don’t have to carry all of it. About the only thing we need to carry is a load of laundry!

Courage Question: So many people are in strife with themselves. Have you ever been there? Are you there now?

Courage Quotes: If we are fighting ourselves, we are fighting a losing battle. It is because… STRIFE is a loser. That’s what it does! It loses. It never wins a battle!

Whoever participates in it, loses. Loses what? Days, Hours, Memories…it wastes money and time. It steals a better future by removing your creativity for the dreams you’re suppose to dream now!!! Strife stops our progress. So we just sit right here collapsed within ourselves? No. If we ever want to win, we’ll have to stop strife. We’ll need to quit being divided against ourselves. You’re suppose to be for you and not against you because He’s not against youyou shouldn’t be either. God cares about you so you should care for you. Starting now. Today. Make that change. Agree with God and get your life back!

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