Honesty,  Hope


When we are jittery, flighty, anxious, unaware- You remain steadfast.

God, You are the same. We run to You. Suspended in Your shock absorbing Presence…. Sometimes we have to stop momentarily and refrain from concluding and determining. Because these two things can get us temporarily trusting in ourselves.

I promise you this…you don’t have anything as loyal as Him! You’re not going to find anybody more honest and wonderful as He is! What are you waiting for? Get Him in your life- involved in your life choices. Place everything in His hands. What are you thinking can take His place? There is nothing! He wants you. He wants you to want Him, to know you need Him and to turn to Him. Don’t just give Him your kids! Bring yourself to Him too.

Jehova-Shammah (the Lord is Present) is well aware of the times we’ve had that were not accompanied by a friend, counselor, advocate. But I am here, He says. Holy Spirit is here to give you counsel. Feedback. Advice. Direction. Now! Maybe you were at a loss years ago but now! Possibly you didn’t have support back then but now! Stupid enemy is always trying to get us off track. But now you’ve found the right road. Because Jesus cared for you! He’s constantly getting Truth to you even as arrows are flying and lies are consuming. Here’s Truth anyway. He cares enough to hold your issues in His hands. Not in anger with a fist but with open hands to give you freedom in making your own decisions and hopefully stir desires to make wise and right ones.

It’s not like He just slants His hands and dumps you out when you don’t do everything right. It’s more like a Momma or Dad with a baby. When that baby will not settle down and the parent, grandparent, or foster family keeps holding that child and loving him or her until things do settle. A good parent supervises and helps stabilize a child into adulthood. HE IS HERE to accompany you as a Friend. Counselor. Advocate. Father.

Courage Questions: Do you sense His strong desire to help you be the best you can?

Courage Quote: Maybe just maybe, we don’t know what’s happening at all times. Maybe it’s time to ask for help.

Prayer: Picture perfect days aren’t always the ones that mean the most. Let us see that the in-betweens are just as much progress than any other. Let us not despise the faulty moments of our trying to get it right. Because You’re always right and good and constant, we are balanced by Your goodness even when we miss it or mess it up. There is no one quite like You Lord! You have the ability to keep me steady and stable. You are my Stabilizer. My steady. My stability.

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