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Release your grip. Part 1!

“To Do Va Estar Bien. Everything will be Alright.” -Song by Danny Gokey.

“It’s out of my hands.” -Song by Jeremy Camp.

When we keep things in our hands and don’t want to give it up to Jesus, it is a refusal. It eventually ends up looking like a balled up fist. A point of strife! When we refuse to worship God… I sense the Spirit of God saying this: Worship is right here at our fingertips and strife is right there too. We can choose to give God control. Or. We can choose strife… when we choose the latter, that’s the point where anger explodes- That’s when we make the decision to keep it instead of releasing it.

When our three boys were younger, I had to direct their decision making. Once they turn 19, I’m able to look at them as men who are able to make their own decisions. But I also am sure to let them know they are fully responsible for the outcome! It’s nice to be able to release them and their choices. I’m here if they need advice. I’m here to watch them learn through the obstacles, and I’m here to see them improve this process. They will become what God intended them to be! There was a long period of time that my sons had my tight grip on their chunky wrists to lead them in the right ways. Now they get to live their lives free because they’ve been steered long enough to know right and wrong. They have their own adventures to find. What a great day it is when we can stand back as parents with hands up and open to say: “It’s yours. I’ve gotten you as far as I can. I believe in you big time! And now remember God’s still got this even when I am not close by. I love you. You’re gonna do great things.”

Courage Question: Who do you need to put in God’s Son’s care today?

Courage Quote: When Jesus was given the task of saving mankind, He did so excellently. To me, this means He will handle my people better than I will.

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