Healing Series,  Impact

Shed a good light

Starting in Genesis, God brought light into everyday life. Plants lean into it. People can’t exist without it.

In the New Testament, God shed a bright light to get a man’s attention. This man was someone who spread bad energy around. Saul even killed Christians. But one day. On a road to Damascus. Saul was “blinded (3 days) by the light” that changed his life. Saul was on his way with wrong intentions, threats, and imprisonment in mind for the Lord’s disciples. To harm. Christians. But God’s light changed his course. It suddenly flashed around him from heaven! Saul fell to the ground and heard a voice. Jesus spoke directly to Saul. He confronted him with a question. (Read Acts 9)

Almost every Sun. morning I have a different COURAGE QUESTION to ask our congregation. It usually has something to do with what Jesus has already asked me… -Are you choosing change when God tells you to? I’m not into choosing the kind of change that devalues or goes against what God has set as a standard. Choose change that makes you better in Christ. In Christ is the Life Change choice. He has anointed you to make the decision to change what needs changing!

We can let evil get the best of us. Or. We can let Someone greater live inside. What road are you going down right now? Instead of living in attack mode, we could let go and truly trust God. We could finally rest completely. We could become part of this world’s solution. We could shed a good light!

The dawn of a new day is coming for someone. Who needs to break out of the darkness? To be released from a dark life? Into the light of a new season?

Pray: Shed Your light on my life. We need fresh insight God. We need new energy! Help me shed a good light today where bad energy may show up. And may I draw Your light in to change my own attitude also. You are so good at turning things around. That’s exactly why I will always need You. Amen.

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