Courage,  Healing Series


One of our greatest challenges is to be light minded. Some of us are naturally heavy thinkers. I’m not talking about being frivolous or its opposite which is thinking heavy thoughts. I’m speaking of the path of righteousness. “The path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, which shines brighter and brighter until full day.”

When I “set my mind on things above,” I am directing my attention off trivial matters and serious attitudes. What’s up? Above us are skies of blue or gray. Airy, uncluttered, free space, creation. Not many man-made items are that high up. Right now as I type this in our hotel room, I am looking over to my right… through a huge floor-to-ceiling window where the sun is beginning to set. Derek is attending the last service of the Ala. Ministry Network Conference. I got hit by the throat monster last night and have body aches, sinus pressure and weakness. Literally coughing and sneezing through this whole post and trying to get it ready for you. I keep looking out the window…

As we are drawn to light, we normally go toward it, not away from it. Can we look to Christ and keep moving toward Him? Are you setting things in place and arranging your life to be right standing or are you turning to things that are going to block you from Christ and a greater life light? When the lights go off, the shades go down, and we head to bed another night, are we receptive to The Light of the world that takes away our sin?? Live-stream worship belts out my favorite line of a song. I look up toward the white ceiling that’s above me and smile because I know “He picked me up, He turned me around and set my feet on solid ground. I thank the Master. I thank the Savior. I thank God! Hell lost another one because I am free.”

Remember, it’s not up to you to KEEP everyone around you “light” minded but you can allow light to come from you, through you- to others. Those that are distracted by the dark, need prayer and discipleship. If people don’t get on that ship somewhere as it comes around every Sunday, Wednesday, Monday, through the airways of media, etc., and you or I have invited, instructed, have shown care, continue to show up where His Spirit has led us, then maybe those people are not ready yet to allow discipline to take root. Regardless. We’ve got to let the sunshine in.

Prayer: This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…

…Lord, when I didn’t think that what I had would ever be enough, You’ve proved to me that You make many things of mini things. Show people the treasure that’s already in their lives. Sometimes it’s buried treasure that needs to be dug up and displayed to others. To this world that grows cold and tired, shine Your light! Set Your light on our minds, making us aware of Your goodness!! When the sun is told to “set,” it goes down and when our minds are to “set,” our thinking is suppose to go up. You set the sun in position to be able to give the most light to the world as needed. Set our minds on You, that we can position our thinking higher. SET US where we are to be! I know things are going on in each of our lives that bombard our thinking but we need to lift our chin or look toward the light and let it settle over us. I love you forever Lord. Amen.

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