Achy Breaky Hearts

Surface scrapes and cuts heal up easy. Heartaches are much harder to get to.

Here lately, my heart hurts. Emotionally. For several relational reasons. Oh and you too? I sense I’m definitely not the only one experiencing an array of heart hurts. People are walking around everywhere with no “skin signs” of aching hearts. The stuff that’s down deep doesn’t always show up to others. -I’m choosing an attempt to write it out and I hope you can relate. The subject deserves some attention!

You can tell anybody anything “But don’t tell my heart, my achy breaky heart. I just don’t think he’d understand.” Achy Breaky Heart was written by Don Von Tress and ultimately recorded by Billy Ray Cyrus. Billy heard the record and words to the song and said: “That’s me. That’s mine. That’s my song.” It’s believed that this song was the last single that sold double digit millions before the album even came out. The writer describes it as indescribable. He new he had arrived somewhere when he stepped into the opportunity of a global phenomenon. It dominated and wouldn’t stop. There are still versions of it being done all around. “It just hits a harmony with the universe.”

Maybe in a big sense, the “Achy Breaky” phenomenon is back but without exciting music and crowds singing along. Hearts have lost some of their music. We’re vocalizing it. Join us here again for Thurs. blogs where we focus on the timely and serious subject of aching hearts! Not to get too serious but aching hearts are a thing these days, whether we want to admit our feelings or not. I choose to admit!

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