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Sand or Cement

Sand or Cement? Crash or Christ? Soft or Solid? I say “cement” because that’s what most people view as super hard, durable, and lasting. There are different mixtures and techniques to use with making cement. The truth is, Christ is Rock. (Psalm 18:2 My God is my rock.) Unlike us, there are no air bubbles in Him that will become weak points during strength tests because He is the strongest type of rock. He is strong for us. When we aren’t holding up, He is Bedrock. Unwavering. Unmoved. Unchangeable because there is nothing in Him that needs changing.

My Dad always says when tough times come, you find out who the strong ones are. The weak sink and the strong stand. It’s in Matt. 7:24-27. Who’s the strong? It’s not the ones that work out all the time. Or the ones that eat perfectly healthy meals. Or the people who never have to visit a doctor. These things can help but if you want to find solid people, they’re the ones that laid a good foundation.

If your foundation is strong, usually, your walls and roof and everything in between is built well balanced and level. Because it is a system of solid. But even if your walls are/become weak, you can find ways to support that wall. Foundation is there to help us hold together when other places in our “vessel/house” seem like they are falling apart from the inside out.

When things come against the strong, they are firm. The message version says not even a tornado knocked the house down that was built on rock.

God made my frame and formed my vessel. He’s the Originator of my house. “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” (Joshua 24:15) Count us in because He is the unmovable, fixed, unchanged– Even as I move, crack under pressure, and change often!! Me and my family serve Him with the strength He provides us to do so.

Courage Questions: What’s establishing you? Where do your base beliefs come from? Are they solid enough to last when the rains, floods, storms, and winds of life beat against you??

Courage Quotes: The difference between the house that stood and the house that fell, was what the foundation was made of. We are founded on Christ the Rock. Our house core beliefs are not made of sand that blows away. It will stand. Who we are will last. Make an impact. Be the result of a strength greater than our own.

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