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“I’m where I am today because I found a source of strength that I did not myself possess.” – Nicole Crank

WITHIN THIS BOOK REVIEW, I am saying grace. Not over the food we are about to eat but over the lives we’re about to meet. “Maybe the specifics of our circumstances differ, but we’ve all found ourselves in that moment where we feel sucker-punched by life.” Resonate with anyone? Nicole says we are made to thrive, not just survive. And I believe her. She tells how to find your fight to claim true freedom. You might have taken a beating in your past, but you’ll discover the victory that “will open the door of possibility to the life that you were destined to live.” Who wouldn’t want that?!

Even as busy as she is, Nicole Crank still takes the time to personally invite you into her “dark places to show you the way to the light.” Part of this darkness was an ex-husband’s long cycle of drugs, abuse, regret, recovery, relapse, more drugs, and then more abuse. It’s hard to imagine the emotional cycle that once took its toll on this now conference speaker, blogger, megachurch pastor, and author. I love the way she describes HOPE. She writes that hope is her favorite. It was the buoy that kept her afloat during those years of pain, and later (she says) “the powerful current that helped me swim forward. And then, ultimately, it was the surge that shot me out of the water to higher ground.” I recommend this book for those who are needing to surrender and needing to know specifically how to live beyond that surrender. She’ll tell you about the opposite of rejection, she’ll teach you what to minimize and what to magnify, and then she will even let you in on a purpose for your stubbornness.

The enemy wants you “fixated” on your pain and injuries. But there is Someone who can “help you stop the emotional tug-of-war” and what an incredibly sweet description Nicole’s salvation story is within the book! If you desire to “change the labels” on your life, then this book’s for you!!

Best Declaration: “I won’t underestimate the greatness in me because of the limited thinking of others.” Wow. Did you feel that? The way I did? Because if you did, then you are on your way to the thriving life. You are on your way out of just surviving.

Nicole will assure you of God’s U-Turn for your future, that His promise is sure, even when you are not, and give you a clear definition of what true redemption is. “Take a good look and ask yourself if you’re doing something that you know deep down God is calling you out of, but you’re too scared to admit it to anyone…. It’s time to leave that dark place.” Are you ready for your next phase of life? If you work with Him and not against Him, it’s such a short walk to freedom. Happiness, Connection. Life.”

So which is it? We “stop listening before He can answer. Or. We call on Him and really stop to listen” to God?? Think about it! “Your last victory can be your last victory. Or you can shout out, I’m ready to take more ground!” The best part of the book: I WILL THRIVE, is when her heart begins to thaw as she discovers a love that’s still true to this day with her husband, Pastor David Crank! From her own experience, Nicole will show you how to take the power away from your past. It will be a quick read and your heart will become pliable again.

Ending Quote of Book Review: “Now faith brings our hopes into reality and becomes the foundation needed to acquire the things we long for. It is all the evidence required to prove what is still unseen.” (Hebrews 11:1 TPT). -This book review is given by Courtney Draughon on behalf of Faith Words /Hachette Book Group.)

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