The greats in the Bible were always prevailing through not so great things.

Separation happened. Stress and frustration happened. But God’s purposes still took place. Don’t you want to see people free so much so, that you are willing to step into an uncomfortable place? Jesus did this. He walked where people were hidden, anxious, and on edge. When they came to Him, he didn’t run. He demanded freedom.

A prevailer is one who prevails! You weren’t meant to be closed up or closed in forever. Especially since there is a bondage breaker close by. Jesus is walking near. He is unafraid of the things that try to keep us out of sorts and feeling out of place.

Courage Question: What will you do?

Courage Quote: Everywhere He goes, He prevails!

You will prevail… This is the statement I believe Jesus was thinking and uttering as He approached the place where a demon possessed man lived. A man that was not yet prevailing. A man tortured and defeated. Imagine the disturbing cries night and day, coming from among the tombs. Now imagine the meet up of an impure spirit and that of such a holy one. No one wanted to go there but Jesus. This encounter demanded change. Wholeness. Release. Overall health restoration. Jesus the Prevailer- proves more powerful than opposing forces; He is victorious. He can prevail through long and difficult scenarios and seasons. Nothing is in greater strength or influence as He. Keep moving despite fear, worry, and doubts. He is my Prevailer. When you have Him in your corner, you’ll find success and you will prevail. If you ever fall, you’ll fall forward!

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