Courage,  Victory

Light on a stand

Look up lamp stands, lights, or candles on google and it will take you days to look through them all. They’re some of the first things bought for the main areas of a home. You are also one of the lights in your house! You were meant to be brought out, into the open. We are lights not to be hidden but openly shedding strength and illumity. Your presentation or projection of Christ really does need to be seen in this world. There are just times that we should be seen because He should be seen! There are times that we should be heard because He should be heard!

This doesn’t mean we have to bring to the public light, every detail of every secret we’ve ever had. But we do have to bring ourselves to Him and let His Light do work in us and on us and through us so that we then shine.

Candle, you were meant to be lit. You are suppose to show the way. So that all people all over the world, will know all there is to know and experience in Christ. Therefore candle, you ought not to hold back but let your light glow. You need not to think there is no benefit to the light you will bring!! Bring it.

Courage Questions: How could we think that we can brightly shine without our precious Christ? On the other hand, how could we think we are so dull when we have asked Him to live through us? Can we begin to think that we do radiate light and other people see it?

Courage Quote: Illuminate my life- As I live for You.

Declarations: If I’m open, I am allowing access, passage instead of being blocked up. I’m exposed to the air, the view of those around. My life has unobstructed space for lamp stand light to invade me. My Master, the candle holder, the light producer- He’s using who I am and who He is, together. Though I will absolutely find alone time when necessary, I’m not going to be shut off from the public eye. Because. Someone somewhere is trying to find freedom…

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