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A Growing Faith

I read about the mustard seed again in September. Then I shared my thoughts with our congregation…

Our faith is likened to a little mustard seed so often. If you have faith that small, you can do great things. Many things only require a little bit of faith. But what if you and I cultivate our faith? If we see it like a seed then it definitely can be planted into other people! And that’s what I want out of the faith I have been given. I don’t want it wasted. I want it growing. I want it making a difference in the world. I hope to God it isn’t staying small enough to be held in anyone’s hand or put in a jar or container to only look at. Truly, it ought to be planted and grow. After all, seeds are meant to grow and produce something larger. Multiplication is meant to be!!

Seeds are meant to be put into others as words, thoughts, actions, behaviors, and faith. According to scripture, we can do enormous things with faith as small as the smallest seed but…

If my faith is like a mustard seed, I want it to be planted and grow like one. I want all the possibilities. My desire for those we’ve spoken into and spoken over is large. Especially for our kids- what they will do and what will happen in their lives, let it develop to be big landmarks of established and planted faith that started out small. Mark Ch. 4:30-32 says that it is the smallest of all seeds on earth! YET when planted, it grows and becomes the largest of all garden plants with such big branches that the birds can perch in its shade.

Courage Question: Is anything or anybody perching on the branches of your faith??

Courage Quote: Seeds turn into larger things if we plant them!

Declaration: I don’t have to keep my faith small.

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