Can you remember being a product of “pre-prayer”? A product is the answer when two or more values are multiplied together; it is the result of an action or process. “Where two or three gather together in My name, there am I with them.” (Matt. 18:20)

What are your prayers? I want to share some of my definitions with you: Prayers are words that step higher than our normal words and dialogue. They go up. And take our thoughts to deeper levels. Prayer is agreement with the Trinity. It creates a zone for miracles. It causes moments of prophesy and renewal. Prayer is seeing people with God’s hand on them, God’s favor on their lives and God’s timing at work around them. Prayer is filling space with positive statements, belief in new chances and new changes and a bright future. Prayer is where an explosion of faith can result in busting up enemy barriers. It’s where we meet our God, agree with our God, and get free from guilt. Prayer is where we press in and let go; it is where we confide, confess, intercede, and find confirmation. Pre-prayer is a release before the “next.”

It was prayer that preceded the Upper Room experience. (Acts 1:14) Prayer will be a big part of our own future experiences. Pray today. Live in those prayers in your now and your tomorrow.

One day, my Dad asked me to take a ride with him to a home in our community. He explained that he met a man and his wife through being interested in a truck they had for sale. My Dad decided to buy the truck and during the course of a few interactions, he learns that the man is dying of cancer. As we drove into the neighborhood, we were both unsure of how it would go and we were just seizing the moment of the day. I got to meet the tall, thin, bed-bound man and his kind wife who were appreciative of our willingness to pray with them. (His wife shared with us that her husband leans down on his knees by his bed every night to pray.) They did not know how long he had left. That same morning, not knowing about what the day would hold, I got up early to pray. I wrote down a few phrases, one being “internal pain“, that pre-directed my steps right into a room of relentless, internal pain. And when I asked the man what his request was, that was the word he was able to speak. One or two days later, he passed. Pre-prayer ushers us into God’s presence for the here and now and for our tomorrows. Pre-prayer paves a way for our feet to end up in a place that brings His peace and Presence to another. My Dad and me, along with the man and his wife, became part of a formula for God to visit during all the questions crowding around in that crucial time of need.

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