Settle my Soul

At every life season, there are plenty of reasons to become unsettled! But Jesus would say: “Step into peace with Me.”

What are you in the middle of ironing out? Smoothing over? Setting things right is such a chore when we breach a promise made to ourselves or to God that we thought should never have happened. From a bit of experience, I can tell you joy found a side escape door on more than a few occasions!

You need to know today that joy can be recovered! It happens when we heal. It happens when we’re delivered. (Acts 8:4-8) God’s Words over us can bring healing. It can happen before we know all the ins and outs of life’s “construction” policy for rebuilding bridges.

I remember many years ago during my “unsweet 16” year, driving to the Dr. to sort out the many changes that transpired between being a carefree, energetic kid and growing into a young woman with pressure all around her. He took me through a series of questions about my history plus some details of the major changes that took place more recently, all at the same time. The Dr. helped me along a broken path. But he couldn’t save me or settle my soul….to be honest lol, it took a few docs to put together a regimen that might get my feet going in the right direction again. What a long, winding road it was…back to an innocent and easy joy.

I was only fully sorted out by Jesus. Coming to terms with the Great Physician, settled my soul and still to this day, settles by soul. See, my doctor knew me for that season but my Father knew me my whole life. I was cleared, forgiven, and discharged by the One Whom I sinned against. Everyone else could care. Or they could care less. They could all show their love (and God knows I’m thankful) but the settling and satisfaction in my soul was made complete when I dealt with the unraveling reasons why I had gotten lost in the first place. (Matt. 11:28-30 AMP- He will refresh us with salvation.)

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