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Heaven is open

You really don’t always know what heroes of the faith go through. But I live with one. He still needs an open heaven to send his prayers to. Because…There aren’t any flashy bright outfits with capes. And often times, his family knows this best. They try very hard not to have great needs because there are so many who do, surrounding us. And. Heroes need a Hero too!

We turn to our Jesus. When Hell attacks. He’s the One that doesn’t need the power company to turn the lights back on or to be the Light of my world, or your world. Anyone who’s married knows the lights can dim out every once in a while. Do you ever look at your own marriage from the “impact” point of view? Looking at it this way, I had to SEE what my marriage really is. In God. And when I do, The God’s Honest Truth is that God is Great in our marriage. People can see Him in our union.

Contrary to what you might be experiencing right now, Heaven isn’t closed. The lights aren’t off in the heavens! (Deut.28:12 ESV, John 3:16, Luke 3:21)

He’s affirming you right now. He is stopping for you. He is calling on you to rise. Rise up. Be well. Find a place to sit or stand. Allow Him to settle on you. And give you new sight. For yourself and your marriage, for your kids or your ministry. For your job or for your future. Are you having a hard time seeing? Have you been unsightly at times? Makes no difference. Jesus came to give. He came from Heaven. Heaven let him come to us. The God of Heaven gave Him to us. He is a Life Giver. He’ll give sight, light, mercy, healing, perception and understanding, discernment and Himself. He wants us seeing clearly!!

Courage Question: Are you receiving new sight and getting new vision?

Courage Quote: We’re gonna need to 1. Expose our need to someone. 2. Trust that He believes we can be healed. And 3. Experience the freedom of what our faith can really do.

Declare This: “Heaven is open to me. I’m hearing the voice of God! And it is positively changing my life.”

Prayer: “Oh Hero of Heaven! Stop here. For us Lord. We all want to be called by You Jesus, be affirmed by You, and we all want to be given sight. We all want to get out of the place we feel held down by, closed in on, or limited to. We stand in Your honest truth today and by faith are receivers of that new sight. As we lift our open hands to an open Heaven- Give us a new way of seeing. Give us brand new vision. Give us that miracle. Amen.”

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