Mentoring Series

Pattern of Love

Let me ask you something. Could your family use some positivity? When strife springs up in your mind, inside your heart, or within your life, in your spirit, emotions, inside “here” where you live your life… at the work place. In family. In the life of your marriage- More negativity is not going to be the answer. A new pattern is needed to be put in place.

The next time strife tries to weave its pattern through your family, I want you to do something that’s been proven. I want you to do 1 Cor. 13. YOU BECOME one of the pieces of love during every point of dissension. If you want love to grow, you’ll need to put this new way into practice.

My house use to be of turmoil. Strife was constant. We couldn’t get control of it. We weren’t getting along. There was a pattern set in motion that needed to be broken. There were habits put in place that needed to be cut out. If not, what we were building would be torn down repeatedly until nothing was left. Of course we do still have our moments. But now it (our home) is of peace. It is enjoyable and not of stress. I don’t want to run away from it; I want to run to it. We had to put what I call a pattern of love in place. Like you would cover yourself with a blanket, we have to cover our marriage and families with HIS LOVE: The definition again is in 1 Corinthians 13:1. Will you become the patients when patients is needed? Will you become kindness when kindness is needed? Will you give encouragement when it is running low or when you feel envious? Envy creates strife inside a person but if they block strife when it rises up, by giving a word of encouragement, it defuses what the enemy was wanting to do right there. All the things which are opposite the definition of love, are points of strife! Will you be unselfish when selfishness wants to reign and rule? Will you start to rejoice in what’s done right instead of always and forever pointing out the wrong? Will you bear the weight of what it means to keep believing, hoping, trusting? Will you put faith in this pattern of love and make sure your faith is being tended to regularly?

Courage Question: Have patterns of strife dictated and dominated you for too long?

Courage Quotes: God has given us His unique and unfailing kind of love. Each piece of this love brings peace! Every part of love secures us to our Maker; It creates a bond that is unending!

Let’s continue this series topic. Meet ya back here soon….

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